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Themed Photography

Life's     Bit

  Our bread and butter is Themed Photography, where we tell stories through custom tableaus. We work with your ideas to bring your photographic vision to life. We scout locations, design and build sets and props, organize outfits/costumes and create photos unique to your imagination including custom themes, recreating old photos and reimagining iconic scenes, characters and people inspired by pop culture. We also have mini-sessions and traditional photo options as well. Bundle the photo session with a Graphic Design package, and we can transform your photos into custom holiday cards, invitations, posters, invitations, buttons - and anything you can come up with!

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Photography Plans

Standard Photo Shoot

Prefab Sets

Custom Photo Shoot

Choose from our gallery of themed photo sets. Packages starting at $799

Standard photo shoot, at your home or
on-location. Packages starting at $699

Fully custom photo shoot, from sets to costumes, locations and graphic design/card layout options. Packages starting at $1099

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