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Life's A Bit (LAB) is a Creative Studio specializing in custom Themed Photo Shoots, Graphic Design and Event/Experiential DesignAt the heart of our work is our unique brand of Creative Services that bring together Photography, Design and  Experiences. We create unique and memorable ways to bring your ideas to life.

Let us handle your bits!

What We Do
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What We Do

We are here to make you stand out, create memorable experiences and leave a lasting impressions. From custom themed photo shoots to holiday card design, baby showers to pet birthday parties, logos to posters, hashtags to creative copy, pop-up exhibits to projection mapping, we find creative solutions to make your ideas into reality.  

Themed Photo Shoots ・ Custom Holiday/Greeting Cards・ Hashtags・ Invitation Design・ Brochures・ Ticket Design・ Posters・ Pet Photography・

Themed Props・ Logos・ Themed Photo Backdrops・ Stamps・ Mini Exhibits・ Gender Reveals・ Buttons ・ Custom Assets・ Gift design・ Video editing・ Announcements (birth, marriage, graduation, etc)・ Roast material・ Projection Mapping・

Pepper's Ghost・ Book Club Event・ Pet Birthday・ Marketing Materials・Classroom Decor・Custom Maps・Baseball Cards・Wedding Party/God Parent, etc Proposals・Educational Materials・Trunk or Treat

And More...

THEMED PHOTO SHOOTS  Our bread and butter is Themed Photography, where we tell stories through custom tableaus. We work with your ideas to bring your photographic vision to life. We scout locations, design and build sets and props, organize outfits/costumes and create photos unique to your imagination including custom themes, recreating old photos and reimagining iconic scenes, characters and people inspired by pop culture. We also have mini-sessions and traditional photo options as well. Bundle the photo session with a Graphic Design package, and we can transform your photos into custom holiday cards, invitations, posters, invitations, buttons - and anything you may need.  

Graphic Design We design custom graphics for any project including cards, invitations, stationary, signage, advertisements and marketing, events, and logos.  

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Themed Photography


Graphic Design

EVENT & Experiential Design We create, design, build and produce anything you may need for an event, party, virtual meetup, show, gender reveal, proposal - you name it and we will make it happen. (Ex: Invitations, themed decor, center pieces, favors, thank you cards, projection mapping, pop-up exhibits)

Designed by Angela Perrone, Photo by Gustavo Tessaro Photography, Arranged by Deja Vu Even

Event & Experiential

Creative Services

Creative Services

At the heart of our work is our unique brand of Creative Services that bring together Photography, Design and  Experiences. We can do everything from a simple graphics to decor and props for events . We can create a mini exhibit or an Instagrammable photo spot at your party or event.  Creative hashtags and one-of-a-kind announcements are our jam. We can create and photograph your bespoke/custom photo shoot vision, and then turn your photos into a custom designed deliverable like a card, poster, marketing materials or anything you need. We can even work with you on projects that include projection mapping, video editing and motion graphics. 

These are just some ideas of what we can do,  but we are ready to take on any creative challenge you may have. We believe that no idea is impossible and we will find a way to make your ideas come to life. 

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